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With the number of consecutive grey days we’ve had recently, there are definitely things I have done in our home this year that I have not resorted to in the past. This immense amount of rain and the long grey days has pushed me to the brink, it was time to get creative.

The standard late winter/early spring tricks weren’t quite sheltering me from the dark days as well as they have in the past.


A simple to-list for a gloomy day:

WASH YOUR WINDOWS Yes, you will have rain pushing sideways on them within minutes of washing, but at the next break in weather give them a quick wash. It’s incredible what a difference this makes, wiping off the dust really does let in more light. And more light right now is goal #1.

LIGHT CANDLES Bring a little extra glow indoors. The spicy, sugary candles from December have all burned out, now it’s time for light citrus and floral scents. 

FRESH FLOWERS This is a must. With all the cut tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths available it is the best way to bring spring in.

TURN ON THE MUSIC Turn up the upbeat, new music. Try Brooke White, Niall Horan, and Ali Gatie.

DOUBLE DOWN ON THE FRESH SCENT For a good portion of the year an open window freshens a home. But now that our windows have been sealed shut for months it’s time for reinforcements. This stove top room freshener will waft through your rooms.


A few lemons cut in 1/2

A couple cinnamon sticks

Fresh or candied ginger

Dash of cloves

Fresh herbs (I have used mint and sage)  

Add all ingredients to a pot — preferably one you love to look at on your stove-top because this can simmer for days, looking ahead at the weather forecast we may still be simmering weeks from now — and fill with water. Bring to a boil then reduce to low for an all day simmer. Keep an eye on the water level and fill before it dries up. As much as I am certain I will not let it all steam out, I still make the mistake often. Setting an alarm to remind to add water every three hours is a good habit.

And bonus tip… The very moment that rain stops and the sun shows itself be sure to open every single window and door. It’ll be chilly. But it is necessary.

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